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When you don't feel like driving or can't, just relax and we will get you there in the comfort of your own vehicle.

Metropolitan Chauffeurs LLC

How does Metropolitan Chauffeurs operate?

Our Driver takes public transportation or drives his personal vehicle to your home or office, parks, and then drives you in your vehicle.


What about charges?

Metropolitan Drivers charges hourly. Our local offices can inform you of rates.


Is there a minimum?

There is a 5-hour minimum for temporary Drivers.


When does the time start?

Time starts as soon as the driver arrives to pick up the client’s vehicle.


Do I pay the Driver directly?

No, you will be sent an invoice from our office.


While I'm busy at my meeting or appointment, what is happening to my car?

The chauffeur stands by your car and remains readily available.


Is it possible to get the same driver each time?

Absolutely, the same driver can be provided for you as often as possible.


Why should I use Metropolitan Drivers?

You should use us because our employees are fully insured and certified.


Tell me why should I hire a full-time Driver through Metropolitan Chauffeurs?

We are affordable, flexible and convenient. Our rates are competitive. You may make changes as necessary. Government regulations and reporting will be handled by us.


Should I use Metropolitan to place a Driver with my company?

Absolutely. You try a Driver before hiring them, plus you won't have to worry about placing ads, conducting interviews or doing background checks.


Why should I care that your company provides worker's compensation insurance for your Drivers?

Because if the Driver becomes injured while on the job, no responsibility falls on the client.


What sort of attire does the Driver come dressed in?

That's up to you. Our clients may request the chauffeur to be dressed professionally or casually.


If I become a regular customer, do I get a discount?

Of course, discount rates are available for regular customers.

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